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Need more cash?

Need to make money and control when you work?
Want to drive a Mercedes-Benz?
Aging? Acne? Vegan?
Stay-at-home parent?
Love the environment?
Few extra pounds?
Want to travel? Money a little tight?
Love meeting and helping others?
Need a boost of self-esteem?
Want holidays off?
Have a skin disorder such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, or lupus?
Looking to spend more time with family?
Want to make your own work schedule?
Not enough money to chase your dreams?
Need products that work for YOUR skin?

Arbonne Swiss skin care is botanical, vegan, and 100% cruelty free.

- basic skin care, anti-aging, acne treatment, baby skin care, weight loss, cosmetics, supplements, for women AND men -

Share the products and the opportunity and be your own boss. Earn unlimited income.
Work when you want. Great incentives! No minimum order requirements or inventory.

Or just find out how to get a 35% discount on all your personal needs.

PLEASE drop me a comment here or my personal journal if you are interested in hosting a spa-night or just want to meet up or e-mail and learn more about this amazing product and opportunity!

I just moved here a little under three months ago and am looking to meet new people and such! I made this flier to post up some places, and thought I would 'translate' it over to LJ as well.

I signed up with Arbonne almost a year ago, but coming from a town with a lot of sadness emotionally and economically, I haven't been able to kick off my business. I used Mary Kay for a while and decided to give an Arbonne sample a try. My skin cleared up within a week!!! I wanted to try a ton of products so I signed up wholesale. You don't have to sell it when you sign up, but you can take advantage of it if you want. I want to so I can build a business and save for my future family, education, and humanitarian causes. There are SO many testimonials from amazing men and women who have been successful in Arbonne. I have fallen in love with the products because they are natural and do not contain harmful chemicals like so many other products. They actually penetrate your skin and work very well!

There are five women I can think of from my home area [the Upper Peninsula of Michigan] that earned their Mercedes-Benz, and one of those women [who comes from a town with a population of about 200] has only been using and selling Arbonne for a little over two years and makes $30,000 a MONTH [and her daughters make around half of that a month-ish]! Her husband retired. Nice, hey? You have to start somewhere, and if you are looking to help be more financially stable and do what you want when you want, PLUS use and share awesome products [which are mostly vegan!], Arbonne is for you.

Anyway, I'd love to even just make new friends!

I'm posting this to a couple SLC related communities, so sorry in advance if you are a member of them all!
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